What Lies Beneath?

I saw this dream a week ago. The first thing I did upon waking was call my mom to tell her about it, but the dream was already fading…

There was a huge house…it may have been in India. It had a massive lawn, green grass everywhere, lots of big trees. I don’t know how to describe it all. The house was almost like a fort, with a lot of pillars, alleys, galleries.

The next thing I remember seeing is that we were all on this strange vehicle. This wasn’t India anymore. By we, I mean my mother, her two younger sisters and, I think, some of my cousins. I don’t know what the front of the vehicle looked like, I didn’t get to see it in my dream. The back was enclosed on all sides up to 3 feet and then it was open til the roof which was supported by thin poles at each corner. There were only girls on this thing. In the news someone’s house was raided, he was a robber or a murderer, some sort of criminal anyway. There was an outcry against the raid and the cops were fleeing the scene. Two were running behind our vehicle and they threw whatever they were carrying with them to us. Several things landed in the open back. Everyone started panicking and I told them to calm down, that it had nothing to do with us, that they were just trying to get rid of what they had.

I saw a notebook land on the floor and I picked it up. It looked familiar. I opened it to the middle and immediately reeled in great shock. I was stumbling backwards, my mouth wide open, utterly speechless. I couldn’t bring myself to say a word. That notebook belonged to me and I think I had lost it a very, very long time ago.

A single tear rolled down my face. I tried to remember when I had lost it, but couldn’t. Then I remembered…it had been lost within another dream, a dream that was not recent at all.

Then I was in a car with my parents and a friend of my dad. The friend was driving, my dad was sitting in the front with him and my mom and I were in the back. I was trying to tell my mom about that strange dream I had seen but she kept interrupting me. She kept telling me that my dad used to see similar dreams and he would always tell her about them too. I asked her to please let me finish, again and again. Then we saw swirls of something black in the sky. It was something fluid like smoke, but the swirls had sharply defined edges and boundaries unlike the blurry nature of smoke. It was completely black and opaque. It blocked out the sky so that it was pitch black outside, darker than night.

I remembered that dream I had seen at least 14 years ago in which there was a black formation in the sky. It was made of thick smoke created by a burning oil spill near Japan. Large chunks of it fell out of the sky and the ground they touched melted away leaving huge gaping abysses.

“Turn on the radio,” I said grimly. What the hell was going on! There must be some news on the radio about it. Someone tried to fidget with the dials but before we could hear anything besides static the sky cleared and it became bright and sunny outside. What we saw then was more chilling than the darkness.

There were people lined up everywhere. Everyone was outside their houses standing in 4 or 5 files, on sidewalks, on lawns, off the streets. The line of people was never-ending and they were all looking up at the sky. They held their right hand on the left side of their chests reciting something.

I finally woke up and sat up in bed. How was it possible that this dream seemed to be linked to one from long ago? This was not the first time something like this had happened. Since I was a child I can recall my dreams being connected to each other, dreams seen days, weeks, months apart. It’s like there’s another life being lived in the subconscious mind of which I catch glimpses only once in a while, only when it chooses to make itself visible.

I called my mom and started telling her this strange dream I had just seen, trying to tell her about this pattern since childhood. She interrupted me saying that she and my dad were talking about something important and she would call me back. “Let me finish, Ma,” I pleaded and she obliged. The dream was slipping away by the second, I was able to remember and narrate only the bits you’ve just read.


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  1. Parthajeet Sarmah

    I have no idea what was on your mind before you went to sleep and subsequently saw such a vivid dream, but as regards the people looking up at the sky and reciting something, this piece brings to mind something I had read. Its not exactly the situation you saw in your dream, but still…

    “Miss Kayoko Nobutoki, a student of a girl’s high school in Hiroshima was taking a rest with some of her friends beside the heavy fence of a Buddhist Temple. At the moment at which the bomb was dropped, the fence fell on top of the girls. Under the fence the girls could not move, and when the fires from the bomb swept the city the smoke suffocated most of them. Yet, even as inevitable and as scary as death may have seemed, one of the girls began to sing Kimi ga yo, the Japanese national anthem.”


    Some dreams are so uncanny!

    • Karishma

      That is a spine-chilling story. This probably isn’t relevant, but the situation in this recent dream was set in the US, while the dream I’d seen years and years ago with pieces falling from the sky had to do with Japan…seems very weirdly strange in light of the piece you’ve posted. *shudder*

      My dreams have always been bizarre and it frequently freaks me out, the way dreams seen years and years apart appear to be interconnected, especially for someone who dreams often and vividly!


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