Illogically Flawed

The heart wants what it wants. That has been the argument of many an individual and it has been accepted as a convincing one. Most illogical desires are passed off as desires of the heart. It does not understand or respond to reason. It reacts to emotion, with emotion. The problem lies in the fact that the heart usually wants what it cannot have.

If the world is given to you on a silver platter chances are your heart wants something that belongs to another world. You start to look for faults in this world and complain about it. Doubts set in. Why is something so good being given to me? What is wrong with it? How could it be so easy? You begin to wonder about the flaws that lay in it. You scrutinise it to a point where you just can’t see the big picture anymore. You analyse it so deeply that you just can’t overlook its imperfections. It’s all you see. Do we forget that we aren’t perfect either?

But when you lose what you didn’t appreciate, you fantasise about how good it really was. It has new charm, a new glow. Why? Because you don’t have it anymore. Suddenly, it’s unattainable and, of course, you want it all and it’s all you want. You frantically ignore the blemishes you had seen. Don’t grab. Don’t struggle to get to it. Take a moment. Sit down. Think. What lens are you going to use on that microscope you put everything under? Are you about to repeat the cycle? Whose heart are you going to break?


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