On a more superficial note (compared to the last few posts), I’m trying to find a perfume that goes with a rainy day. It might sound silly but I tend to decide which perfume I should wear based on what the weather’s like and how I feel about the day. There are times when I don’t wear my all-time favorite perfume just because I feel like it doesn’t suit the day. And I hate, I really and truly hate smelling like other people. I like having a signature scent that’s just me, one that reminds people of me when they smell it. I would never buy or wear a perfume that someone else I live with or work closely with or am friends with wears. Many of us associate fragrances with people and I would hate to have someone else smell like me and vice-versa. So the search is on for a perfume that no one around me wears, that suits a rainy day and one which is very “me”. I’m thinking Eau de Lalique by Lalique. Hmmmm.


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