Oh, What a Tangled Web we Weave…

Isn’t it nice to be able to trust people without having to think too much about it? It makes life so much simpler. You place your trust in somebody and have blind faith in them, you believe every word they say, even if it goes against logic sometimes. I can’t stress enough how much this simplifies life and relationships. The trust also comes from your confidence in this person, that they would never lie to you because lies are hurtful, deception is hurtful and this person cares too much about you to do that.

You have faith that people are good, especially the people close to you, they are good to you, they wouldn’t want to do anything that would hurt you in any way. When this belief, this trust you have in them is shattered that’s when doubt sets in. That’s when you start to question things that they say. You feel like you can’t take their word for anything anymore. Even if you try to trust them again, there’s always that nagging doubt at the back of your mind that makes you wonder if what they’re saying really is the truth.

Now trust will take time to build but it will never be the same again because you know that they’re capable of telling a lie, of lying to you. It comes to them so easily to lie even when unnecessary that you can never be sure that they won’t do it again. You’ve lost confidence in them. You feel like you can’t be sure that they won’t resort to this again. It’s an uncomfortable feeling that’s difficult to shake. You start to feel like you always have to have your guard up and wonder if you are being told the truth every time this person utters a word. It isn’t a nice feeling. It snatches away your peace and comfort and leaves you feeling restless. And then you know, you have learned with time and you just know that the only way to get rid of this feeling is by not having the people that cause it in your life.

Peace of mind is so much more important than continuing a relationship because it’s comfortable and familiar. And this peace of mind is the kind that can come only from complete trust and faith. So you say your goodbyes and move on knowing that tomorrow you will place your trust in someone else again. As usual, you pay little attention to the possibility that it may be broken again…but you know of no other way to live your life.


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