No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

No relationship works without trust. Whether the person you have to trust is a boyfriend, girlfriend, a friend, a sibling is immaterial. When you are honest, truthful and genuine and somehow you, your words or your actions are still doubted, it makes you wonder, first of all, what you did to cause the lack of trust in you and lack of faith in your word. Secondly, it makes you wonder why you were that honest in the first place then. If they want to doubt you despite that, you want to give them something to doubt. Trust in someone indicates presence of faith and absence of doubt. But they still insist they trust you. What then has brought about this doubt? They’re fucking kidding themselves. It’s because for some strange reason despite the fact that you have never done anything to warrant this mistrust they still don’t have confidence in you. They don’t have faith. You have no idea what it stems from but feel sorry that they have to live with that uncomfortable feeling of mistrust in all their relationships because they believe most people they meet aren’t inherently good. What a way to live.


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