Posthumous Refle(x)ion

What does getting over a relationship really quickly indicate? What if it was someone you thought you really liked? Does it just mean that you’ve become better at getting over breakups? Or does it mean that the person was never really able to break through walls you’ve put up? Maybe it was just superficial. Maybe you were just behaving the way you know you do in relationships, out of force of habit, because you really like having someone special in your life, because you want to have someone to do things for, to give your love, your heart to, someone to think about when you’re not thinking of anything, someone to tell every little thing happening in your life to, someone who puts his arm around your waist as you walk down the street and doesn’t care who sees it, someone to hold hands with, someone to hug randomly, to depend on, to count on, to talk to about a really bad day knowing he’ll make it better, someone who reaches out for you in the middle of the night, pulls you close and lets you sleep on his arm until it’s numb, who leaves you little notes if he leaves while you’re still sleeping…

And what does it indicate if you can only remember the good things about a relationship that ended on a sour note? What does it indicate if you can only remember the bad about another?


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