Breathe and Reboot

Sometimes you have to take a step back and re-evaluate the way you have been living your life. You’ve been walking a long time. Are you where you thought you would be by now? Maybe it’s time to change the way you do things. Wipe everything and start over. Let go. Of people, of things, of the way life used to be and the way you lived it. Get over it because none of it will ever be the same again. Make it a clean slate. Get rid of everything that causes you stress or doesn’t make you happy. Live for yourself. Put yourself first, think about your own well-being. Change direction. Explore other paths, go down roads you have never gone down before and let life show you a completely new side of itself. You never know what you might discover. You just might find what you didn’t know you were looking for. Here’s hoping. Take a deep breath…

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  1. Salman

    Love this post!The idea of a fresh start is so alluring…it’s a pity life doesn’t come with replays… however, coming to think of it, I’d rather make the same mistakes all over again… but that’s just me…


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