Breaking Policy

I don’t want your honesty,
You make it too brutal.
It was meant to be helpful,
And not so fucking cruel.

You can’t hurt her feelings
Then say you’re just honest.
Think for a moment:
Is that really what she wanted?

That boy who adores you,
You said you loved him too.
Why torture him with honest tales
Of what that other guy does to you?

You say it like you’re proud,
“I’m honest! You’ll see!”
Your honesty’s worth nothing
When all it brings is grief!

People say they want the truth
But truth-telling’s an art,
Paint an honest version of it
So it won’t break a heart.

I think, frankly, it’s overrated,
Tell a white lie or two,
Spare someone’s feelings,
Maybe they’ll spare you.


Add Yours
  1. Salman

    This is amazing.. I might lose my job for commenting on this while at work.. but it’s soo worth it..A truth that’s told with bad intent,beats all the lies you can invent

  2. Karishma

    So true, Sal! I mean, the two-liner you left here, not that it’s worth losing your job over. :PAnd thank you for the fabulous compliment! :)


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