The Silver Awning

I have recently been surprised by how many people actually care for us without us even realizing it. Some of these are unexpected discoveries and some are just reawakenings. Nevertheless, there are people who will look out for you, advise you when you’re making bad decisions, comfort you when you’re going through a hard time and make you laugh when you’re feeling low. Some of them are like canopies–ever present and always there, come rain or sunshine. Others may be like retractable awnings, the kind that can either be extended at the push of a button or manually cranked up with, well, a crank. When they see that you’re in need they come forth to offer comfort, care and support. It’s amazing how much they will do for you if you only give them a chance to. They try to shield you from the harshness of life, cover you when the bad times are pouring and protect you from getting burnt over and over again. Tough periods in life sometimes give you a chance to rediscover the presence of these people, some of whom you had maybe completely overlooked. And that, according to me, can be the silver lining in your dark cloud. Or the silver awning under it.

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