Update: Mr. Heckles

Today I was playing some music. It was a little loud and my brain was doing a merry little jig to ‘Sound of Drums’ when someone knocked on my door. I was improperly attired to face anyone but my mirror, so by the time I lowered the volume and opened the door, I heard someone say ‘Helloooo!’ (I don’t know why.) and slam their door shut. So, there was no one outside when I answered the knock. But I had effectively been shushed. It must have been a well-meaning neighbour, of course, who probably just doesn’t want me to damage my hearing at such a young age. I started watching tv on regular volume when my heart-rate had normalized a little.

I am now waiting for the person living above me to take up tap dancing. I will then do some shushing of my own.

Stay tuned if you’re really into updates on mundane topics.


Add Yours
  1. Salman

    "…at such a young age."
    Dude I honestly think that’s an understatement…. in fact… now coming to think of it.. I think this is what you intended all along…. to write about a fictitious Mr.Heckles and then innocently slip in the "…at such a young age."

  2. Karishma

    How very unfair of you to even insinuate such a thing! I am a young’un! Please keep your pointless drivel to yourself, Gramps! *sniff*
    Oh, unless by ‘understatement’ you meant that I am too young to even be referring to myself as young. Well, in that case..No, that doesn’t make any sense! Please shut up. But don’t let me deter you from commenting! :)
    Comment one, comment all! "Ladies and gentlemen, stand far away from…The Man With Two Faces." ( SATC, ‘The Freak Show’)


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