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  1. Sulman

    lol.this one time, i was pissed at the terrible heartburn I got from eating this pulao at this desi restaurant here. I called up amma and went, mujhey nayee pata, when are you coming so i could finally get some reasonable pulao up here, busting my ass studying and working…what the hell. And she was like, pulao key bachay, maa ki koi fikar nahi hai? to which I replied: Ammaaa, I need food to survive this, and I need you for that! Baaaah. And she told me to stop sounding like a sheep. If only being understood was that simple…

  2. Karishma

    Yes, moms will be like that sometimes. When they give you those wings, they’re sure as hell gonna make you fly. On your own.
    On the other hand…-Great! I can’t find the strip I was looking for now..I’ll post it when I find it.

  3. Sulman

    You can’t always get, what you want…Don’t you just love how there’s always a stones’ song for every situation, even if you cant find the right strip, there’s always the groove.Nifty!


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