Journalist Liz Carpenter:

Love is a moment and a lifetime. It is looking at him across a room and feeling that if I don’t spend the rest of my life with him, I’ll have missed the boat. Love is working together, laughing together, growing together. It is respect for each other and the people each cares about, however difficult it is sometimes to like his relatives or his friends. Love is wanting to shout from the rooftops the successes, little and big, of one another. Love is wanting to wipe away the tears when failure comes. Love is liking the feel of each other. It is wanting to have children together because they are the exclamation point of love. Love is laughter, especially in the middle of a quarrel.

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  1. musiya

    Wow…this is very idealistic, sorry to say that, but it is!! Seriously, how many couple will able to reach to that certain point! But yet, this is still every girl dream and maybe, just maybe every guys dream, too. And yet, this artical, is very sweet and true in every point the auther made!! Way to go Karishma, you always have stuff that is meaningful!


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