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Could be blue, could be grey

August 6, 2013


Now the sky could be blue I don’t mind Without you it’s a waste of time … Could be blue Could be grey Without you I’m just miles away Could be blue I don’t mind Without you it’s a waste of time … – Coldplay, Strawberry Swing

A Yesterday

July 5, 2013


A perfect day consisted of waking up late for a change, for the first time on my vacation (6 days into it). Skipping the gym. Having a delicious breakfast of a large bowl of oatmeal with bananas, pecans, cinnamon and brown sugar, with two croissants on the side. Walking around, listening to live music and […]

Misunderstanding All You See

May 4, 2012


I woke up this morning with one line from the Beatles’ song Strawberry Fields Forever stuck in my head. It repeated itself over and over again until I was sick of it and wished I could switch off the music. I finally sat up in bed, stretched out the drowsiness, and heard what the words […]

Points to Ponder ~ Shake It Out

May 2, 2012


And it’s hard to dance With a devil on your back So shake him off - Florence + The Machine, ‘Shake It Out’


February 27, 2012


That melody there will make you happy, they say. I am, I tell them, thank you for the advice. You don’t understand, they insist. Listen, for goodness’ sake! To what? Are you ignorant? You know what we mean, and all that jazz. Maybe someday. Maybe not. Who knows? Now is the time! You’re not getting […]

Points to Ponder ~ desires

December 16, 2011


I don’t care if it hurts I want to have control I want a perfect body I want a perfect soul. – Radiohead, ‘Creep’ And here’s a link to my favourite version of the song: Jazz Cover of Radiohead’s Creep

Pitter-Patter, Pitter-Patter

September 23, 2011


It seems as though the rain has extinguished the sun’s fire, but the day must still be made the most of, and it’s good for: Sipping on warm coffee or hot tea, whichever’s your chosen source of caffeine, whilst gazing at the downpour or the misty drizzle, as the case may be. Organising bookshelves, lending […]


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