[tales of synchronicity]

I was on the train to PA (as I usually am at least once a week) a couple of weeks ago. I was reading something, I forget exactly what, and I was reminded of Gretchen Rubin, the writer. I’d read her book The Happiness Project last year when I was desperately looking for some happiness in the middle of a dying romantic relationship. So, I was reminded of her, I thought about the book, and I looked up and saw a girl sitting diagonally across from me reading a book. The colors on the cover looked familiar. Blue and yellow. I caught sight of the title. A shiver ran down my spine. Need I tell you which book it was?

No matter how much I believe in synchronicity, its magic still manages to catch me off guard. I couldn’t love it more if I tried.

[one of these days]

I have started my social life from scratch many times. And, you know, the older we get the harder it becomes to make new friends, to create a new social circle. It is especially tough for me because I don’t go out of my way to make this happen. It either happens naturally, or it doesn’t. As a result, I’ve learned to be my own best friend and so I like solitude. I love alone time. I love doing things on my own, without anyone I know around me. It is extremely liberating for me and, I gotta say, quite addictive too.

I moved to NYC from Toronto in 2013. And it is now, in this phase of my revamped life here, that I am starting to build relationships with some incredible women whom I very much like and care for. It’s an interesting phase. I can’t remember a single day in the last few weeks where I did not connect with someone in person. What a change. And now I have to consciously make time to be alone as well. So, anyway, I had a delicious brunch date with one of the aforementioned ladies this weekend. We ate at Chelsea Market and talked and then talked some more over coffee (decaf for yours truly) and it was a good day.

On my way home on the 1 train, I saw a man with 2 children, a girl aged about 8 or 9 and a boy about 5. The little ones were reading books. Actual books, paper, hardcover, small type, all of that awesome stuff. Thick, heavy books. They were engrossed in it. It made me happy to see that. The man, their father, kept trying to take pictures of them on his phone and the kids did not. look. up. They continued to read without getting distracted by a phone taking their picture! When was the last time you saw that?! I know I haven’t seen such a thing in forever. My goodness, it was amazing. The idea of kids reading books nowadays is so pleasing to my heart.

I was a teensy bit surprised by how much I loved that sight. I couldn’t help but watch them and, if the dad noticed, chances are he thought I was a creep. I wanted to say to him, “That’s such a wonderful sight.” And I was going to say it, I was almost ready, but I didn’t. I still haven’t worked up the nerve to talk to complete strangers even if it is to say positive things that may make them feel good.

Today I took the D train down to NYU and on it I noticed a lady next to me with these pretty pink nails. I wanted to tell her how beautiful the color looked on her fingers. I formed the sentences in my head. I smiled at her. And then I backed out again.

One of these days, I tell ya, I’m gonna do it…