[between all storms of ice and snow]

March 12, 2014


(i dunno…this just came. i was trying to write a haiku.) between all storms of ice and snow and underneath the freeze there is some calm to be found and some kind of release when dying’s done and born not yet and life’s not in the way it’s much much easier to let go much […]

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[sun arose early]

March 6, 2014


sun arose early sunrays erased winter grey dug up buried hearts ~

[one's idea]

March 5, 2014


one’s idea of paradise is a matter of perspective: one day it’s a little town on a hill by the sea in Italy… then one day it’s as simple as anywhere with you.


February 8, 2014


give me your words of praise and hell make me the reason for your well- being and hurl kind words at me that slither and writhe snakily twisting around each sorry curl around each limb we'll let them twirl and madden me and I’ll crave more: on me many more words you’ll pour! they’ll crush […]

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January 20, 2014


much was empty there was no sleep no wind ever found a night so deep a star (winkd)went out of its mind a moon looked lonely (poor oneofakind) staring out a wind- -ow from a cold bed but one pair of eyes a sky was red

let’s go next door

January 7, 2014


2013 was a great year and blah blah blah 2014 started with a lessthanBANG. i fell sick on the very first day of this new year which, i’m sure, will still be awesome. i mean, “what you do on the first day you will on the rest too” is clearly an untrue saying. (what, you […]

momma told me there’d be days like this

October 4, 2013


Some days are just bad. They’re bad and they give all the other days, aka LIFE, a bad name. But they’re stupid and annoying and that’s just what they’re like and along with all the people you can’t stand but tolerate anyway you simply have to accept days like those. Have a little more coffee, […]

quote ~ on worrying

October 4, 2013


Don’t worry about the future. Or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum. The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind, the kind that blindside you at 4 PM on some idle Tuesday. ~ […]

“crash” course

October 3, 2013


The thing I’m realising about long distance relationships is that you have to spend real time with each other all the time, with all that distance between you two. You have to make an honest effort to do that even though it isn’t convenient and it isn’t perfect—in fact, it’s anything but. And you have […]

a little why

September 5, 2013


I still can’t write fiction. I wish I could but I can’t. Haven’t been able to since I was 17. But there are times when I’m able to put my feelings into words, elusive feelings that want to remain at large. When I’m able to catch up with them, shake them loose, and make them […]


September 4, 2013


Happiness is prettydamnscary and when in love a lot more very That is all ~ K


September 2, 2013


At night city lights flicker the city we walked through aimlessly sometimes hand in hand sometimes your arm about my waist claiming me and yes i’m yours we are covered by the same blanket of glittering stars and a radiant moon lights our nights and although there are miles and miles between us at least […]

that’s what’s going on.

September 1, 2013


I find that I find it easier to write when I have a lot to think about that I can’t necessarily talk to anyone about. Or when everything is not quite right. Or when life has some semblance of a pseudo-tragedy. Do you know what I mean? And when I was single I had a […]

A Jeeves & Wooster novel up for grabs

September 1, 2013



I love used-book stores. The other day I went to one. I asked for P.G. Wodehouse and I was directed to the humour section where I searched for his books like they were rare treasure (which, I suppose, they are to me). I found 4. I wasn’t sure if I had duplicates of those at […]

step by step

August 29, 2013


Step by step and move by move you leave no doubt i need no proof Strong careful arms cradle a soul touch by touch making it whole i see your eyes and i'm at peace distance nor time means much to me To you i lose my heart, my all winning heaven   ...and there […]

Could be blue, could be grey

August 6, 2013


Now the sky could be blue I don’t mind Without you it’s a waste of time … Could be blue Could be grey Without you I’m just miles away Could be blue I don’t mind Without you it’s a waste of time … - Coldplay, Strawberry Swing


August 1, 2013


(for an incredible someone) these days time is not my friend it knows how much i long i long for it to be quick for the day to end because tomorrow i am one day closer to you but time moves at its own s       l        o       w             p      […]


July 27, 2013


a window unlit a moonless night she sits watching the stars hide p e e k recounting memories for patience and little moments gathertogether forming a poesy to brighten her eyes as she remembers a look and a smile a word and a touch a heart, an ache a longing but look patience she waits... […]


July 16, 2013


little matters in life, not much: happiness, kisses, hugs, and such. so when they ask i’ll tell them why: because he makes my soul smile. ~


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