January 25, 2015


  Barn’s burnt down– now I can see the moon - Mizuta Masahide      

happy 2015

January 1, 2015


I long for something fresh and inspiring to say. Nothing comes to mind. I’m searching, i’m searching, and I find nothing. So here, this will have to do: Have a happy, luminous new year. Fill it with love and laughter (and a little innocence). For yourself and for others. Make this the year that you […]

{what’s the point? i wondered}

December 5, 2014


I was reading some of my poems from NaPoWriMo 2013 recently (for reasons I’ll share some other time) when I came across one that I had shared with my ex. I had written it before we met but, as we started our relationship, I became convinced that I had written it for him and me…except […]

{what can we do about it}

November 22, 2014


i’ve begun a journey to a new destination. i made a decision a few weeks ago to lead myself to a place where i will be more satisfied with what i am doing with my life. to that end, i’m taking classes and that’s a new thing for me. being around a group of people […]

to buy: gigantic red marker pen

October 30, 2014


There was a boy (a boy) who said to me, in effect, that we, in our relationship of love, are allowed to keep secrets from each other. This love was new, I was starry-eyed, and the world was rosy, so I expressed agreement in a whatever-you-wish-my-love kind of way. The next time a guy I […]

[in a life in the stars]

October 26, 2014


in a life in the stars  in the poet in his prose in the lines and the dots in the coming and the goes in the quiet in the words and the silent in the cold in the voice in the whisper the gem in the gold in that one and in mine in love […]

[returning home]

October 20, 2014


returning home  from a faraway land i am on a plane with a few bags filled with memories and things i realise too late (or: just late enough) that a suitcase the one i had taken from home has been forgotten there i look for ways to have it brought back then see: perhaps its contents […]

[proof of how much i hate the colder months]

September 17, 2014


proof of how much i hate the colder months lies in the fact that when i woke up at 5:30 am, i looked at the darkness outside, remained in bed, stared at the ceiling, closed my eyes and wished and wished with all my might that the days would start getting longer again. i then […]

points to ponder ~ exlovers

August 20, 2014


Why are old lovers able to become friends? Two reasons. They never truly loved each other…or they love each other still. ― Whitney Otto, ‘How to make an American Quilt’

[traces of stories]

August 1, 2014


the skies were nothing but a void all its gems stolen and sold traces of stories left behind that would perhaps never be told broken pieces of sound if fell the emptiness swallowed them whole and night came after the darkness taking what was left of great hope

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[but there]

July 30, 2014


letting go may not be as simple or easy as you thought. time passes, years go by, you think you’ve forgotten. then one day you feel something move, making requests for your attention, and you realise that they are still living in there. quiet and hidden, but there nonetheless. and you smile a little smile […]

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[her face was a blur]

June 23, 2014


her face was a blur or maybe a haze i don’t quite remember it’s been a few days i remember a feeling of eerie gloom a quick little thought of impending doom the room was dark and yet aglow her voice a soft whisper no more said “you’ll know when it’s time” then “just say […]

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a simple thought

June 22, 2014


there are many people (i know a few) who say “i” when they could say “we” who say “my” when “our” is a better fit. try to include others in your life and achievements whenever you honestly can. there’s little to lose much togetherness to gain. ~ k

(from “The Silent Articulation of a Face” by Rumi)

May 19, 2014


Love comes with a knife, not some shy question, and not with fears for its reputation! I say these things disinterestedly. Accept them in kind. Love is a madman, working his wild schemes, tearing off his clothes, running through the mountains, drinking poison, and now quietly choosing annihilation. ~ Rumi

[all was dark]

March 17, 2014


all was dark i could not see not a sparkle in my eye for one by one 'til it was e{ }ty he picked stars out of my sky (and hid them well) ~

[between all storms of ice and snow]

March 12, 2014


(i dunno…this just came. i was trying to write a haiku.) between all storms of ice and snow and underneath the freeze there is some calm to be found and some kind of release when dying’s done and born not yet and life’s not in the way it’s much much easier to let go much […]

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[sun arose early]

March 6, 2014


sun arose early sunrays erased winter grey dug up buried hearts ~

[one’s idea]

March 5, 2014


one’s idea of paradise is a matter of perspective: one day it’s a little town on a hill by the sea in Italy… then one day it’s as simple as anywhere with you.


February 8, 2014


give me your words of praise and hell make me the reason for your well- being and hurl kind words at me that slither and writhe snakily twisting around each sorry curl around each limb we'll let them twirl and madden me and I’ll crave more: on me many more words you’ll pour! they’ll crush […]

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